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Expert Seekers. Global Players.

Expert Seekers. Global Players.

We offer you highly structured, global product value chain expertise. Why?
We aim at eliminating any product- or application-associated uncertainty and mistrust in the buyer-supplier relationship.


A comprehensive, continuously expandable global products recommendation engine, expertly organised to enable even the less aware decide confidently and rationally.


A continuously monitored OEM backbone (builders, models, applications, specs, testing methodology), fully expandable and customisable.


A metaprocess model converting manual tasks as to enable analytics & critical data retrieving, to optimise workflows, to speed up product marketing and knowledge spread.


A proprietary, direct messaging service linking local/global suppliers and users to help them make optimal sourcing or selling decisions in full privacy.

We Unlock Your Decision-Making Capacity Potential.

We Unlock Your Decision-Making Capacity Potential.

With thousands of products claiming to meet your needs or to exceed the requirements of thousands of oil specs, “product-vs-application-vs-market” unawareness builds up and brings along a continuously increasing technical- and operations-associated uncertainty that compromises decision making-ability.

Our multisided SaaS helps all suppliers to either find or recommend, to either launch, market or sell – and all marine, industrial and commercial users to either select, source or use the right product for every application.

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Turn uncertainty into informed decision making

Seek out and track down base fluids or finished products in their actual marketing areas. Decide on your “compatible-vs- equivalent” and “suitable-for-use” product dilemmas, confidently.


Speed up workflows with smarter data

Upload, file and correlate product-related datasets (e.g., normal production or off-catalogue datasheets, oil analysis history, etc.) for optimal product (portfolio) management, timely historical data retrieving, and improved intra-/inter firm collab.


Skyrocket brand awareness In just minutes

Leverage advanced profiling capabilities and create clean-cut, targeted branded product datasheets that speak out loud of their virtues to all our website visitors (importers, traders and end-users) that will convert into your buying customers.


Play the marketplace at your fingertips

Create expert profile(s) and register the industries, applications or machinery that you either source or produce and trade products for. Contact, and allow other registered users to contact you directly.

Access. Know. Link. Decide.

Energybp is the industry’s point of reference for boosting technical/operational knowledge
of operating fluids and for growing brand (& enterprise) awareness exponentially.
Access. Know. Link. Decide.Energybp is the industry’s point of reference for boosting technical/operational knowledge of operating fluids and for growing brand (& enterprise) awareness exponentially.
The Energybp Platform focuses exclusively on this chain of correlated everyday tasks, routines and processes that take place in the operating fluid’s lifecycle. It organises highly scattered, in cases, difficult to retrieve (or to make sense of) product properties-defining data and correlates it with human, un-/semi-processed (static) and constrainedly accessible (siloed) intangible know-how that is generated in the value chain “field” over time.
Energybp enables product experts to create and organise their technical, marketing, quality & operations-related documentation and to link “operating fluids”, “points of application” and, subsequently, their “proprietors”, i.e., sellers and buyers seeking lubes and fuels that will “do the job”.

That’s Not All

Add-ons that will add to the awareness, reputation and efficiency



File all lubes & fuels in distinct (per grade) folders for easier organising and quicker referencing.


Keep track of your product documentation history with auto-created versions.


Employ advanced search filters and handy product equivalency, specs-approvals filing & cataloguing tools.


Keep all product’s claims & specs constantly synced across all its tech & marketing documentation.


Profile all products in clean-cut TDS templates that you can targeted-market in any segment or geographic region.


You decide which products to market & whether you want platform users to contact you or not.

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