Build your own lists by adding data/info “items”

Start engaging here! No one knows your products and their usability better than you. If there are any critical product-defining items (e.g. specs, builders, etc.) missing from our lists, you can add them. All you have to do is ask for “approval”; our technical research teams – working around the clock to provide for accurate, eye-catching lists – will confirm your request and publish these new “items” of yours.

List your products

List all the products you develop, market, source or use, just for quick-referencing or to leverage more advanced features. Create functional “product management” folders and add the important bits of info (e.g. a critical property detail, an approval letter, etc.) that you need access to when time is of essence.

List your product profiles

Each folder may hold an unlimited number of profiles. You may designate one, say, the on-catalogue version to be the “master” profile. Only a “master” profile can be cleverly marketed – i.e. easily traced and viewed by all users – with our conversion rate-optimising technology.

Create “brand awareness-boosting” product datasheets

Targeted product marketing made truly fast and effortless. Create/edit a product profile and go into as much profiling detail as possible. You only need a few minutes to generate its modern, commercially appealing datasheet. Then, all it takes is, literally, 2 clicks to “go from local to global”.

Create easily customisable product catalogues

Create as many product catalogues as you want. The catalogues can cite a list of products filtered by a number of features, e.g. applications, industries, etc.

View oil specification and approval reports

Generate plain, yet always updated specification and approval reports. Select either a specific specification to check which products meet or are approved against or a generic application and draft a complete specs/approvals matrix. The reports can, then, be exported as .csv for further editing.

Create and publish your expert company profile

As a “supplier”, allow other users to see the products you trade (and where) and privately contact you. As a “user”, inform suppliers in your region of the kind of products you are interested in or the makes and models you operate/service so they can targeted-direct their products toward you.

Generate equivalent product reports

Using our powerful product profiling tool helps you generate accurate equivalents’ reports. All you have to do is select the application(s) and the producers you wish to contrast.

Compare products

Use our comparison tool to compare the main characteristics of up to 3 products.

Contact Us

For anything else, just contact us and we will be happy to help.

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