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  • The 4-hour per working day ‘dealing’ of 2 product professionals with technical support work (simply to resolve a customer’s technical issue or to draft a lubrication chart, for example) may represent for their employer approximately 20% of the department’s annual operating costs.*

    * 2015 real-case data from a 150-employee SME in South Europe & for an 8-hour working day in a 264-working day year.

  • Drafting a datasheet may take up to 3 hours of your work-day as you need to take into account numerous in-house and market-generated technical limitations, as well as the competition’s offering. Put differently, it may cost up to 17% of your annual advertising budget* to draft 1 product datasheet alone. Imagine having to draft, revise and finally approve 200 datasheets for the purposes of your product portfolio’s re-launch!

    * Subject to the actual annual amount budgeted for advertising; 2016 real-case data for a SME OilCo in-house marketer’s 8-hour working day or 264-working day year.

  • You are a trader tendering for the supply of operating fluids to a small state-owned utility. So, you are required to offer products for all of the tender’s requested codes and commit to prices stability for 2 years. The technical specs describing the sought products is a contradiction in terms and, on top of this, the other contestants can challenge your offer for any technical inconsistency they find. If there is a small chance to be awarded the contract, you will need all the technical support you can get from the supplier(s) whose products you offered. The supplier, however, has to support hundreds of partners and no time to waste. Can you afford to wait?


Offering You a Global, Continuously Updated Database of Product-Specific Know-How.

Leverage structured product know-how across multiple industry sources to cut operational costs and to improve NPD time-to-launch or/and lead times.

Search expertly and straightforwardly for lubricant and other petroleum products by producer, application, feature, specification, etc.

Run advanced queries by drawing on product “intel” from a massive database of thousands of lubricant and fuel products, their defining features, specifications , industry standards, lab/bench and engine test methods, all correlated.


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Boosting “Awareness” in Today’s Network Economy Era.

How aware is the Industry of your products? Use our expertise and global reach to increase “brand awareness”.

Entrust us your product (base fluids, fuels, lubes) technical datasheets to “house” in our platform in a highly structured manner that will make sense to potential country importers, rep’s, distributors or byers.

Are you launching a new product or do you have any exciting product-related news, you care to share with the rest of the world? Send us its factsheet to “house’ in our database or your newsletter to cite in the front page of our website.

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How aware are you of the consumer needs shaping market trends and technical advances? Use our expertise and global reach to identify possible opportunities or/and threats.

Run your existing and new products’ support marketing routines through our platform; it cites all the concentrated and structured competition product “intel” you will ever need.

Generate, effortlessly, the support material that constitutes your products’ complete sales ‘toolbox’ that you arm your salesforce with. Help them accelerate company growth.


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