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  • An 85,000 DWT aframax southeast of Malaysia has run out of cylinder oil. Onboard, there are lower alkalinity TPEOs for the diesel generators. The nearest supplier is incapable of delivering onboard and the destination port is 2 days afar.

    The chief engineer contacts his technical colleagues back at HQs, who turn to their lubricants supplier. The trader contacts the technical support dept. of a competitor lube producer (not the original supplier). With people in 4 locations over the phone, an emergency decision is taken almost 3 hours later.


Offering You a Global Map of Product- vs. Application-Correlated Know-How.

Seek, find and decide on your operating fluids on your own to “relieve” yourselves from your dependency on your supplier and your “obligations” toward them.

Correlate lubes currently on-board/-site with your equipment’s actual requirements (i.e. in terms of the specifications, guidelines, equipment lists or manuals that manufacturers issue).

Compare different lubricant and other petroleum products and decide on alternative recommendations with the help of our guiding algorithms that search across multiple dimensions (i.e. search by application, OEM, sought feature, specification. etc.)


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