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  • In a major car leasing firm attempting to rationalize the procurement of its operating fluids, the technical director persistently requires from potential suppliers a single 30,000km drain intervals-capable engine oil for a fleet of more than 18,000 in-warranty vehicles.

  • A city borough issues a €1,185,000-budget RFQ for the supply of its annual needs for fuels and lubricants for their fleets of heavy-duty trucks and road machinery. The land surveyor signing the technical part of the 86-page tender document sets requirements for each product code based on either wrong, non-combinable or obsolete OEM specs. His technical understanding related to operating fluids is clearly non-existent and, yet, he is responsible for assessing the technical offers of the potential suppliers. Do you see the irrationality?


Rationalizing the Sourcing of Your Fleet’s Operating Fluids

Accessibility to expert, well-structured, easy-to-understand data that will help you to make sense out of your operating fluids needs and make rational decisions is vital!

Just type in the oil specs recommended for the equipment you operate/service or the name of the actual lubricant product you are looking for to help you draw rational conclusions,.

Make optimal decisions and provide for the appropriate technical guidelines to those responsible for the sourcing of your operating fluids.


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