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Forwarding Your Demand or Supply to Partners of Ours Likely to Become Yours.

Capitalize on our networking capabilities, secure setting and technical expertise to find partners you will trust and do business with.

Inform us of your request for proposal/quotation (RFP/RFQ) or “product(s)” availability. We will accommodate in our dedicated, deliberately visible scrolling bar the type of product(s) in question, the related quantity and location.

We maintain direct links, worldwide, with producers, marketers/sellers and byers likely to become your next partners. We will make sure that your demand or supply interest reaches the right parties, securely.

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Facilitating Know-How Flows + Your Engaging, Networking or Discovery.

You are an industry stakeholder having certain business, educational, support role or interest in the O&E Industry. We, on the other hand, are the industry’s focal point. Join in and benefit.

Are you an industry expert? Are you the author of a paper or article or the main presenter in a conference? Or, perhaps, you are a product formulator, an industrial user/buyer, industry ‘watchdog’ or end-user wishing to raise a topic or technical question; in any case, join our forums and help us advance operating fluids know-how diffusion.

Do you have any interesting company- or industry-related news, you would like to communicate to the world? Send us your newsletter, feedback or “incident” to cite in the front page of our website.

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